ShadowRaptor Network Donation Store

Thank you very much for considering donation! Everything helps with keeping our server hardware, builders, and artwork paid for.

You can access our Rank Packages through the navigation menu above. All packages we offer contain benefits for all servers. Make sure you understand which benefits you will receive on which servers, before you donate :)

PLEASE NOTE: We have recently removed certain benefits from all of our packages, to comply with the Minecraft TOS. Previous donators will retain their benefits from the time of donation.

Suffixes such as [VIP] and [ShadowRaptor], are disabled on our servers. This is because FTB Ranks does not support layering chat elements. Disabling donator suffixes was a decision to allow donors to still climb the Timed Rank ladder.

Donation benefits will only be given automatically on our 1.18.2+ servers at the moment. Contact @zediious via Discord if donating while playing on a 1.16.5 server (Your donation will usually be noticed immediately). The donation commands will be run ASAP in this situation.

Monthly Donation Goal

5.00 / 150.00 USD (3%)

Recent Donations

1x MicroRaptor

1x VIP

1x MicroRaptor

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